CUBE I + CUBE III, 2009, solid steel, patinated, 20x8x4cm + 38x8x4cm
CUBE IN FIVE PIECES, 2014, steel, patinated, 60x60x30cm
CUBE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT AND UP AND DOWN, 2006, steel patinated, 80x80cm
FIVE CUBES, 2013, solid steel, patinated, 25x10x10cm
ISOLATED CUBE, 2018, COR-TEN steel, 50x40x20cm
ISOLATED OBLONG, 2018, COR-TEN steel, 50x30x15cm
ISOLATED CUBE, 2017, solid steel, patinated, 20x15x5cm
ISOLATED OBLONG, 2017, solid steel, patinated, 25x9x6cm
CUBE IN THREE PIECES, 2011, steel patinated, 60x30x30cm
CUBE IN FIVE PIECES, 2014, solid steel, patinated, 20x20x10cm
CUBE IN FIVE PIECES, 2014, steel patinated, 80x80x40cm
OBLONG IN THREE PICES, 2013, steel patinated, 100x50x45cm
CUBE CROSS, 2010, steel patinated, 80x80x50cm
CUBECUBE, 2010, steel patinated, 30x30x30cm
BALANCED CUBES, 2011, steel patinated, 200x40x40cm
CUBE I, 2009, steel patinated, 80x32x16cm
CUBE III, 2009, steel patinated, 152x32x16cm
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